We are a Chicago-area based bank, and proud of it. Our involvement isn’t just about downtown, however, but also about the neighborhoods and individual communities that are such a rich part of the fabric of the city. All three of the bank’s founders—Kevin Bastuga, Bryan Duncan and Michael G. O’Rourke—were not only born and raised in Chicago, but also chose it as a home for both their business and their families. This deep connection is just one of the reasons why Signature Bank continues to give back to the neighborhoods and communities it serves throughout the year. Whether it is through golf outings and fun runs or supporting local charities, schools and sports team, Signature Bank is invested in making Chicago grow and thrive.


Ongoing Support Of Misericordia

Signature Bank is a proud supporter of Misericordia. Since 1921, Misericordia has served people with mild to profound disabilities, along with their families. Its mission is to help these individuals reach their potential, improve their quality of life and live as independently as possible.


Signature Bank’s support for Misericordia takes a far reach. Not only is the organization a valued customer, but the bank also supports events throughout the year including the famous Misericordia Candy Days.


To learn more Misericordia, please go to: http://www.misericordia.com/about/




1871 Partnership

As you know, it can take just one idea—and a few people supporting it—to change the world. Signature Bank is in the world-changing business. As entrepreneurs ourselves who took that enormous leap of faith in our idea of creating a better business bank for Chicago, we are devoting our expertise, experience and belief in the power of dreams to help you create a better business, as well.


That’s why we have partnered with 1871, Chicago’s premier startup incubator, to help local business develop, grow and thrive. We bring not just our skills as a business bank but also our deep and hard-won understanding of what it means to turn a vision into reality.


Supports include managing your cash flow; keeping transactions convenient, safe and secure; responding quickly to your needs (as in “I need this today”); cutting through bureaucracy; bringing you the latest banking technology and safeguards; and taking care of your lending, payments, payment collection and treasury management needs.


And here’s the best thing of all: We have regular office hours at 1871, as well as a branch right across the street, so we will not only know your business, we will also know your name.



Jeans Day Inspiration

Once a month, Signature Bank selects a charity that is near and dear to the hearts of its customers or employees. Each employee who contributes to the selected charity, gets to wear jeans to work that day. Signature Bank also matches their contributions dollar for dollar. Some of the charities include the Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics and the ALS Foundation. We realize there are so many  deserving charities doing amazing work, which is why we remain open to customer and employee inspiration. And truly, finding a new charity to support makes our hearts sing as well.