For a mid-sized business, the difference between thriving and surviving often comes down to one thing: cash flow.  Our treasury management team gets that, and takes a highly individualized, holistic approach to helping you manage your company’s finances. This translates into innovative products and services, intuitive solutions and, most important, a roll-up-our-sleeves, get-down-to-work attitude on ALL the day-to-day issues that affect your business. This includes the following:

Managing Accounts

Because reconciliation and forecasting are among some of the most time-consuming and complex tasks for mid-sized businesses, we have treasury management team members dedicated to helping you manage your business accounts seamlessly. They bring insight that comes not just from their expertise and experience, but also from their ongoing working relationship with you.

Accounts include the Signature Bank Corporate Business Checking Account, the Signature Bank Business Money Market Account and liquidity management options.  For your conveniences, we also offer:

  • Access to all accounts through a single sign-on
  • Integrated, automated and customized reporting for any accounting system
  • Convenient international banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Direct access to a customer service representative. No call centers. No voicemail loops. Real people ready to help.

Collecting Payments

Keep the lifeblood of your business—cash flow—steady with Signature Bank’s suite of payment collection services. This includes:

  • Remote and mobile deposit
  • ACH collections
  • Cash concentration
  • Wholesale and retail lockbox
  • Merchant banking solutions
  • Currency vault

Making Payments

Convenience and ease are the watchwords for Signature Bank’s business payment system. We can provide the tools—and the support—to streamline this vital part of your business.

Protection From Fraud

At Signature Bank, our top concern is the safety and security of your account.  With new and different threats emerging every day, Signature Bank continuously monitors and evaluates our defenses in order to thwart any potential harm. We have outlined some precautions and actions that you can take in order to help keep your account safe and secure.

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