At Signature Bank, we have a saying among our bankers that “we are inclined to lend.” This means that we listen to both the numbers and your story and we do more than other banks do. We look at how we can help your business grow—whether it is to improve cash flow, expand capacity, acquire business or restructure debt. And if we can find a way to say yes, we will do it.

Client Services

We are not just in the banking business, we are in the service business. Customer relationships are our number one asset. We are accessible. Compassionate. Smart. Eager to learn. Happy to listen. And always willing to help.

Financing Your Business & Fueling Growth

Our bankers will work together with you to put together strategic and workable solutions that support and align your business with your vision for success. This includes working capital lines of credit, term loans, receivables financing, SBA financing, letters of credit, asset-based lending, bridge loans and syndicated loans, among other options.

Commercial Real Estate & Financing

It’s tough to get the work done, if you don’t have the right location, space and environment to fit your mission and your culture. When you find the space that is right for you, we respond quickly and bring a no nonsense approach to helping you get the financing you need to get you in quickly.

Equipment Financing

Keeping pace with your customer’s demands and your competitor’s moves is an enduring challenge. For your business to succeed, you need the latest equipment, technology, facility upgrades and more.  We help you get the financing you need, quickly and seamlessly, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Industry Specialties

When you are a client of Signature Bank, your business becomes our business. We jump in the trenches with you, roll up our sleeves, and use our banking and financial expertise to help you achieve your business goals.

Along the way, we have found that there are certain industry specialties that benefit from our hands on, all in approach, including Law Firms, Private Equity Firms, Manufacturing, Technology Firms, Insurance Agencies, and Associations & Non-Profits.