Signature Bank AM560 Business Tour

Signature Bank is the proud sponsor of AM560’s first-ever Business Tour, highlighting Chicago businesses who started with a vision and turned that dream into a thriving operation. Signature Bank is Chicago’s fastest growing independently owned business bank and we want to help your business succeed.

“We’re dealing with owners of
companies. We’re dealing with their
problems, their successes, and
supporting them along the way.”

— Kevin Bastuga
Co-founder of Signature Bank

The kickoff of the Signature Bank Business Tour broadcasting live with AM560 on Election Day in Illinois from the historic Wigwam building at 191 N. Wacker Drive in Chicago.

“Signature Bank is intuitive about what I’m trying to do with my business.”

— Joe Shanahan
Founder & Owner of Metro Chicago

Signature Bank CEO and President Mick O’Rourke joined two of the bank’s long-time customers, Joe Shanahan of Metro Chicago and Matt Collopy of Shoreline Sightseeing, as featured guests on WIND AM560’s weekly business radio talk show, “Part of the Answer.”

arrow What Our Customers Are Saying

Good Foods, Kurt Penn is the Founder & CEO of Good Foods, winner of the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year from the Kenosha Area Business Association, and a long-time customer of Signature Bank.

arrow What Our Founders Are Saying

Mick O’Rourke, President & CEO of Signature Bank.

Kevin Bastuga is Co-Founder, Director & Executive Vice President of Signature Bank.

Bryan Duncan, Co-Founder, Director & Executive Vice President of Signature Bank.